Award Scheme in Promoting Women's Economic Empowerment cum School Competitions PRIZES Presentation Ceremony


To give recognition to those organisations for their efforts in initiating projects which have improved women’s economic lives in Hong Kong, the Women's Commission (WoC) and the Labour and Welfare Bureau (LWB) co-organise the “Award Scheme in Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment” which provides an opportunity for women’s groups, non-governmental organisations and social enterprises of the community to share their achievement in initiating projects which are conducive to women’s economic empowerment.

Projects which are conducive to women’s economic empowerment may include, but not limited to, at least one of the following elements –

  • Support services for women to enable them to join the labour force;
  • Training which enhances women’s working ability and skills;
  • Provision of job opportunities for women; or
  • Promotion of employment practices which have a positive impact on female employees’ achieving work-life balance, career advancement, etc.

Awards include:

  • Outstanding Project Awards
  • Certificates of Commendation


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With a view to promoting gender awareness and family harmony among the younger generation while recognising their talents in creative arts, the Women's Commission organises the following three competitions with different formats and themes -

  • “DIY Gift for Our Beloved” handicraft competition for children
  • “My Beloved Family Member” drawing competition for primary school students
  • “Gender Differences” photography competition for secondary school students


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Prizes Presentation Ceremony and Exhibition

The prize presentation ceremony for the competitions will be held at the Conference. An exhibition will also be held to showcase some selected entries of the competitions.